festival comida continente 

jul. 2017

After so many successful editions, Mega Picnic; Festa da Familia; Festa Continente, it was time to change! In this sense, Expanding World was dedicated to developing a new concept of event that would challenge and surprise the public. Thus, a festival of food, a festival that combines the best of tradition, from the typical dishes to the wines, cheeses and sausages, or to the new tendencies of the market, organic & healthy food and the craft beers.

All this with a stage full of artists and with an animation program that filled and was against all the participants. The result was the Festival Comida Continente, on the 1st and 2nd of July, in the Parque da Cidade do Porto and it was fantastic!

The thousands of participants at the Festival Comida Continente were able to choose between eating author's dishes in the "Chef's Kitchen", relaxing through the shade areas of the "Bio and Healthy" space, drinking an artisan beer in the "Beer Garden" or to taste the cheese and sausages wines of the 60 producers present in the "Wine Market" where it was possible to live a unique Virtual Reality experience of the process of "creating" the wine, where they entered "live and color" in a 360º experience in the exclusive process "Artistic" wine production.

In addition to the gastronomic experience, they also experienced outdoor activities, numerous workshops, cinema and showcookings performed by renowned chefs. To add to all this, the Food Festival also had two days filled with a renowned musical poster with Dengaz, Ana Moura, Tony Carreira, Xana Toc-Toc, D.A.M.A and Pedro Abrunhosa.