chef's table electrolux

 sep. 2013/2014

The “Chef’s Table” is an exclusive culinary experience, where a selective group of guests have the pleasure of assisting to the confection and degustation of a personalized menu and exclusively cooked dinner.

In 2013, the guests were surprised by a groundbreaking concept in Portugal: the Chef’s Table Electrolux, where they had the privilege of tasting a meal prepared by Chef Vítor Matos, a Michelin Star holder, in a fusion of aromas, exchange of experiences, points of view and cinematic crops. The place chosen for the event was Portal’s Farm, in Sabrosa.

In 2014, the meal was prepared by Chef Gebhard Schachermayer in Horta Osório Farm, in Santa Marta de Penaguião.

Another production of Expanding World.